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Here at MozzaPi we love pizza, and not just any pizza either. We have an obsession for wood fired pizzas, both Neapolitan and our own unique creations. We realize that good food brings people together, and we like to think that our brick ovens are doing just that- creating a space where people can share an amazing meal in the company of friends, often in a unique and fun atmosphere, and laugh… laugh a lot….

MozzaPi is about moving beyond the franchised and corporate pizza chains to give Louisville and the surrounding areas a grassroots approach to wood fired pizza. We want to challenge what pizza means to you, by portraying original concepts, creativity, and the utmost regard for quality.

The new pizza paradigm is all about balance. Artfully balancing the crust with the toppings, balancing the flavors with the textures, balancing local with seasonal ingredients. Neapolitan and wood fired pizza should embody this balance between simplicity and creativity. At the end of the day it is really about taking naturally, healthy ingredients and preparing them in a way that is simple and satisfying. It is about knowing where your food comes from and who grows it. It is about knowing who you are and how that is portrayed through your pizzas.


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The oven rolls in, the fire roars, and the experience starts long before the first pizza is served. You and your guests can watch as each pizza is articulately assembled, placed in the oven for firing and returned to the plate perfectly blistered and steaming with fresh and wholesome deliciousness.

The wood fired oven we use for our catering events was designed to be mobile so that we can bring the MozzaPi wood fired pizza experience to our Louisville-area clients in the setting of their choice. Our mobile pizza oven is suitable for all occasions: casual, elegant, big, small, buffet or elegantly plated and served. From your backyard to corporate headquarters, our beautifully handcrafted oven and wood fired pizzas will be the focal point of the event.

We want to do everything that we can in order to meet and exceed your expectations. That is why we will work with you on the specifics for your event, including customizing the menu so we achieve just the right atmosphere and feel for your guests. Our central goal at MozzaPi is to create a consistently executed, memorable experience using only high quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations.

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From Kentucky Proud ingredients to high quality flours and toppings, we expect everything that we use for our Louisville catering menu to live up to our very high standards. Those standards also extend to our wood fired pizzas and hors d’oeuvre recipes. No matter what we create for your event, we want to give you a unique catering experience that everyone will be talking about for months.

Each one of our appetizers, wood fired pizzas and desserts has been extensively tested against our rigorous standards. They have also been tested against the standards of hundreds of ecstatic Louisville-area pizza lovers who have enjoyed our food in the past. If you require any additional menu items, please reach out to us directly so that we can work with you on a unique catering experience.

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Please fill out the following event request form if you are interested in having MozzaPi cater your next Louisville-area event. You can also contact us via email EAT@MOZZAPI.COM if you have any additional questions or concerns. Please include Name,Phone Number, Event Date, Reception Start Time, Venue name or Address, Total Number of Guests.

We will contact you upon receipt of a completed event request form in order to confirm event details. We require that all catering events agree to a minimum of $880 for food and 4 hour minimum staff fee, regardless of party size.

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