Bonci Pizza Class

Bonci Pizza Class

First day of Bonci Pizza class was incredible.  Gabriele Bonci is full of energy and his love for pizza and is eager to share with everyone.  I was most impressed with the passion and philosophy that he has for food.  I talked at lengths with the interpreter that was arranged for me about how Bonci wants to return food to its roots.  When ever possible he will use ingredients that are sourced locally and are fresh.

Bonci Pizza Class
Bonci mixing flour and water

Here we have tomatoes, chick pea spread, white bean spread, eggplant,onion and the list goes on.  Bonci would grab these ingredients and  spread them on the prepared dough like he was painting on canvas.

Ricotta basil, caper with ham pizza
Pizza being painted like a canvas

The above pizza was cooked first then topped to return to the oven.  This pizza had Ricotta, capers,basil, and Italian ham.

Cooked Pizza
Finished Pizza ready to be devoured

Once fully cooked the pizza is cut with kitchen scissors and sold by the Kilo based off the cost of the ingredients.  For the class it was an all you can eat feast trying all the different combinations until it just was not possible to eat any more.

The class is over two days at dinner time.  I can’t wait for the second half and will give a full report.