A Thank You Note

The past few weeks have been exciting times for the food truck scene in Louisville.   The first ever “Food Truckus Ruckus”, a front page story in the Courier Journal, television appearances and all the wonders of social networking have made “street food” in our city gain popularity and attention seemingly overnight.  It’s a shift in perspective that has been a long time coming and boy are we glad to be involved!

See “street food” to us is about so much more than having a few more “fast food” options in our city.  Street food is about community.  It’s about taking a meal and making it something so much more.  It’s interaction, it’s conversation, it’s music, culture, it’s an experience that is unique and characterized by the people that partake in it.  That’s right, street food is all about the people, and goodness Louisville, you’ve been good to us!

Here are some of our favorite comments from the people that have made our nights more than memorable:

Thanks for being so supportive and for joining us for this exciting ride Louisville!  We couldn’t have asked for better traveling partners!

On a similar/slightly unrelated note: Please make sure to stay tuned as we are going to be in San Francisco for the next few weeks on an epic pizza extravaganza!  Yes, I know what you’re thinking, this means no MozzaPi for three weeks?!?! Yes groupies, I’m afraid so, but what this does mean is that we come home to Louisville fully charged and ready to take to the streets with even more knowledge and passion for the pie! And that my friends is just a great thing no matter which way you look at it:)