Douglass Loop Farmers Market

On Saturday, October 8th, (THIS  SATURDAY!), we will be hanging out at the Douglass Loop Farmer’s Market off of Bardstown Rd. for their “Shuck Beans Festival.”   The market will be be open from 10-5 pm and will have guest vendors, (LIKE US!) as well as beer, music, and culinary competitions!

We are so excited about our first farmers market experience that we are really going all out for you guys.  So the menu will include a breakfast pizza with our own house smoked bacon and eggs from Foxhollow Farm, as well as a “Green, Eggs & Ham” breakfast sandwich which will feature our own sourdough English muffins, Arugula from Grateful Greens, Eggs from Foxhollow Farm, prosciutto, and a pesto sauce to finish! This is what you call breakfast the MozzaPi way! Oh! And for those of you who choose to sleep in we will of course have our favorite Neapolitan Pizzas if you prefer a MozzaPi lunch.  Look forward to seeing you guys there!

MozzaPi at Douglas Loop Farmers Market