What does a MozzaPi event look like?

Some of you may be wondering, “What the heck does an event with a 14 ft. box truck and a 4,000 lb. oven look like exactly?”  Well, let’s just say you definitely make a statement.  However, the statement you’re making goes beyond having an extremely large truck and wood fired oven at your event.  You’re saying, “This event is unique.  It’s creative and it’s an experience with food that is just simply different.”

Our truck & oven!

When our oven rolls in, and the fire begins to roar, the experience has started long before the first pizza is served. In addition to guests being able to watch as each pizza is assembled, placed in the oven for firing and returned to their plate, they have the opportunity to learn about wood fired oven and Neapolitan cuisine- what makes it different, how the process works and the philosophy behind it all.

If you are looking for more than just pizza at your event, we suggest starting with a fresh mozzarella bar.  We will actually hand pull the mozzarella on site for you and your guests and serve it warm with various toppings such as tomatoes, prosciutto di parma, basil, our signature rosemary and garlic focaccia bread and fire roasted olives!

Charlie starting the mozz curd for pulling

Lastly, our MozzaPi S’mores are a perfect way to top off your meal- our wood fired oven does amazing things to a s’more.  Toasted graham crackers, melted chocolate and perfectly browned marshmallows topped with our house made caramel sauce make campfire s’mores seem like a thing of the past!

The great thing about the MozzaPi truck is that it allows us to bring the Neapolitan experience to you and your guests in the setting of your choice.  Our wood fired oven is suitable for all occasions: casual, elegant, big, small, buffet or elegantly plated and served. And of course we will work with you on the specifics for your event, including customizing the menu so we achieve just the right atmosphere and feel for your guests!