MozzaPi Catering Reviews

MozzaPi Catering Reviews
“We had MozzaPi cater our nonprofit fundraising event last week and it was excellent. I’ve been to many of these events and planned several – I’ve never had so many people comment to me after the fact regarding the food quality. Not only the delicious factor, but what also went over really well was the format – the ability to eat and mingle instead of simply sit at one table was a highlight for everyone.”
Kent Evans – Board Chairman of Manhood Journey

“MozzaPi is hands down our favorite pizza spot in Louisville. If you are looking for a good Neapolitan pizza with the perfect crust (warm, soft, stretchy/chewy but not tough, with the right amount of blistering) AND the perfect topping (fresh ingredients, homemade mozzarella, right amount of sauce and seasoning), look no further. You need to follow them on social media right away and find out where they will be for their next public event appearance. No matter what you choose from the menu of the day, you will not be disappointed. 

I contacted MozzaPi to cater/host a surprise birthday party for my husband in the form of pizza making class, and it turned out to be a huge success. The class was interactive, filled with laughter, dough kneading, and of course lots of great food (oven roasted olives, countless pizzas fresh out of their signature wood oven on the trailer, and s’mores made with homemade marshmallow). All of the guests, especially my husband, loved the unique experience. Now many of us are thinking about taking the 1-week bread making “boot camp” that MozzaPi offers.

Tom, the owner, is really passionate about crafting the perfect pizza. You can tell that he truly enjoys this and the positive energy filled the class. Lori, the manager, was very professional organizing the party with me. She responded to my emails in a timely manner and offered great suggestions. I can see why they have been so successful catering different occasions from weddings to public events. You need someone in a business that is organized and “on top of things”.

MozzaPi = No pretense. Just some of the best pizzas and breads you will get to eat (Did I mention they also make the best Focaccia?!).

We recently traveled to Naples, Italy and it is not an exaggeration when I say we don’t have to fly to Italy to eat pizza anymore, now that we have MozzaPi! Sometimes I do wish that they could go to more public events but I am excited that they are in the process of having a more permanent establishment in Anchorage. I wish them the best luck and I hope more people get to try their amazing products.”

Jasmin Chen

“The appetizers, bread, pizzas, and S’mores were great. Your staff were professional, friendly, and attentive. MozzaPi’s contribution was perfect!”

Marsha Wilson

“They catered Startup Weekend and their creative menue is amazing! There were so many options including vegetarian.
First slice: Thai chicken Pizza piled high freshness.
Second slice: pizza drizzled with Marmelaide, bourbon soaked cherries, zesty sausage.
Third slice (yes- I had a third slice! I could not stop myself): sautéed portobello mushrooms and with sausage

Then they topped it off with homemade smores! I mean they made the marshmallows! And topped warm gram cracker with sea salt, Caramel and sauce.

Who knew wood burning could be so yummy?”

Sanda Perry