More From San Fran

More From San Fran

Continuing on our PIZZA EXTRAVAGANZA in San Francisco…

Day 3: Lunch at Pizzeria Delfina.  We ordered the Napoletana pizza with tomato, anchovies, capers, hot peppers, olives and oregano and the Panna pizza with tomato sauce, cream, basil, and shaved parmigiano.

Napoletana Pizza
Panna Pizza

Next we broke bread at Tartine Bakery in the afternoon.  We had to reserve our loaf of country bread 3 days prior and arrive promptly at 5pm to get the loaf warm out of the oven.

Fresh bread for dinner…
toast for breakfast.

And now for the highlight of our day! Dinner at Pizzeria Picco!  We actually wouldn’t have known to find this gem of a pizzeria, save that the pizza chef at Delfina recommended it to us and said it was one of his favorites in the Bay Area. [highlight2]I really cannot rave about our experience here enough.[/highlight2]  The staff was unbelievably friendly and the hospitality at this restaurant is the best we have seen yet.  AND the food! Oh my!  After several appetizers that Jared, the chef at Picco, insisted we try, we got down to the pies.  We sampled their seasonal farmers market pie and the margherita.  Both were delicious- so fresh tasting!  Dessert was organic soft serve ice cream made in house and topped with a decadent dark caramel sauce and another topped with olive oil and sea salt.  Yum!  To the staff at Pizzeria Picco, thank you so much for such a wonderful evening!  One of the best meals we have had so far on our trip!