Prosciutto de Parma Tour

Prosciutto de Parma Tour

A common theme is now becoming apparent with the finest Italian products.  Time… as flavor is not rushed.  These hams are aged for a minimum of  two years just as the Parmesan cheese.  As with the cheese the only added ingredient is sea salt.  It is simply incredible how just two ingredients can produce such wonderful flavor.  Here the salt has been rubbed on the hams hind leg to begin the curing process.   Salt has been used for centuries to prevent harmful bacteria growth and preserve meat prior to the availability of consistent refrigeration.   The pork comes only from Italy and is fed a strict diet, of which consists in part, the discarded whey from Parmesan cheese production.  These products are centuries old and their time tested production has not been compromised by commercial demands.

The salt is beginning to remove the moisture from the ham.

For two months the hams are massaged and additional liquid is drained.  The hams are then washed and set to hang in a very well ventilated, cold environment.

In places where there is no fat and exposed meat, a mixture is made of fat to cover the area.  The hams are checked periodically using the bone from the hind leg of a horse. This bone has little pores that capture the scent of the ham throughout this process.  The hams are checked in five different places for quality.

Buon appetito!!!