Rome’s Best Pizza- Pizzarium

Rome’s Best Pizza- Pizzarium

I am very excited to get to Naples to begin my Neapolitan dining experience.  I have been so anxious to reach the pizza capital of the world, that it has resulted in trying many pizza’s that were not worth blogging about along the way.  Bonci’s Pizzarium is one that is though.

Bonci’s Pizzarium- Rome, Italy

He uses many fresh ingredients and leverages creativity to pull together some fantastic pizza toppings.  I would love to list them all but my poor Italian would not do justice in describing them.  Here are some key words I picked up on though.  Chick pea, broccoli , cauliflower, potato,  hot pepper, etc.  In Louisville we are always getting asked if we sell our Neapolitan pizzas by the slice, while they do not sell it that way over here this style is. It is called Pizza al taglio , a common way of selling pizza  that usually comes out in a sheet pan format and cut with common house hold scissors.

Bonci Pizzarium Food

I had eaten this type of pizza before arriving in Rome and this is the only place that I thoroughly enjoyed.   I like my pizza hot and fresh out of the oven, and the thought of sitting in a case and being rethermed does not usually do much for me.  I have seen it pulled of before so I keep an open mind and I was rewarded that I did.   The crust was the added element that really pulled things together.  It utilized a sourdough levain made with Italian Marino flour which created a light, airy crust with great chew that provided the perfect platform for Bonci’s choice of combinations.  Many reviews online had said that it was pricey as it is sold by the Kilo (20 Euro).  While more expensive than bad pizza, fresh ingredients and attention to detail was something I would gladly pay a little extra for.

This was a great meal that was enjoyed with a bottle of wine that was reasonably available.  For those hoofing it in Rome it is right off the Metro which was great for our weary legs:)