Taking the Show on the Road

Taking the Show on the Road

Truck found, oven found, road trip required.  So began our adventure across the United States driving a 14ft box truck with a pizza oven in the back weighing more than a Ford Taurus! Our original route through Salt Lake changed once we were in Washington and we ended up taking a northern path through Montana.  Don’t worry though, we still hit the slopes at a local ski resort called snowbowl in Missoula, Montana.

Charlie was dubbed “the beast” on this trip for his ability to drive for hours on end, sometimes 15+ hours straight!  He drove the entire 3,225 mile trek by himself!  Below is a picture of trucker Charlie and Matt excited for the road trip to start. (Disclaimer: Matt looks extra perky, because he knows he will be ditching us in Seattle to catch a flight back home.)

And now, pictures of our lovely Woodstone oven! We were a little concerned with it fitting in the truck, but we had a few inches to spare!

The trip was by no means smooth sailing.  In Wyoming we ran out of gas, in South Dakota we were suspected of being terrorists trying to blow up Mt. Rushmore with our big white truck, and our fuel froze over night due to temperature drops down to -5 degrees! People of Louisville, we endured all of these seemingly bizarre incidents, (and had fun while doing so), to bring you MozzaPi- a modern take on traditional Neapolitan & wood fired oven pizza.  We are looking forward to sharing an evening with you, be it in our mobile truck or our soon to be pizzeria.  Rest assured though, good food, good drinks and good times will be had, along with lots of really good laughs.