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Memorable and Unique

The goal of any restaurant should be to provide the customer with food that leaves an impression. Whether it is decadent bakery items or life altering pizza, the food you take in should mean something more than sustenance. That is why we at MozzaPi center all of our milling, baking and pizza making around one simple question: “Is this consistently executable, highly memorable and decidedly unique?” We are certain that every item on our menu will fulfill and exceed your wildest expectations.

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MozzaPi Bread on Guitar Peel

Louismill Bakery

Expertly Crafted

Baked Goods

Tom Edwards



Whether it is sourdough, focaccia, rye or brioche, we take pride in every Louismill loaf that we bake. We use only the highest quality ingredients and strive to locally source as many things as we can. Every recipe is stripped down to the most essential ingredients and we never resort to preservatives or additives. Our one goal at MozzaPi is for all of our food to create a memorable, consistent and unique experience. One bite of our croissant should transport you to Italy, regardless of whether you have ever left Louisville or not.

Our restaurant, located at 12102 LaGrange Rd in Louisville is open 6 days a week. Start your experience with a fresh cup of coffee we roast in house and is available all day long in both drip and espresso drinks. Our signature artisan pizzas, and fresh salads are available from 11am-8pm. On the weekends, you can enjoy our amazing baked goods and freshly roasted coffee on our outdoor patio, accompanied by a serene Koi pond.

MozzaPi Wood Fired Pizza Catering


Pizza Making


Event Catering

The new pizza paradigm is all about balance. Artfully balancing the crust with the toppings, balancing the flavors with the textures, balancing local with seasonal ingredients. Neapolitan and wood fired oven pizza should embody this balance between simplicity and creativity. At the end of the day it is really about taking natural, healthy ingredients and preparing them in a way that is simple and satisfying.

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Spinach and Ricotta Pizza

Olives in Wood Fired Oven


Wood Fired S'mores

Sweet Onion Marmalade Pizza

Louismill Flour and Grits


Flour and Grits


Fresh Baked Croissants

Fresh Stone Milled Wheat Flour


Brioche on Peel

Sliced Focaccia Bread


Milled Flour

We believe in locally sourced ingredients for our MozzaPi pizzas, Louismill breads and all of our baked goods. This belief in personally knowing the sources of all of our foods has led us down many interesting paths. Our most recent decision within MozzaPi was to begin milling our own flours using ancient grains. We believe that this decision displays yet another point of distinction that makes our food memorable and unique.

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